tisdag 31 augusti 2010

valkyrion farming

Hello i'm back with a new spot. This spot is known by few but is good for those with no gold!
For this farming spot you need to be atleast level 77. Now, farming here can be tedious so i recommend you to crank some music.

The mobs you shall kill is Nascent Val'kyr, these mobs drop Dissolved Soul Essence they have an 100% drop chance and stack in 20 and sell for 65 silver and 3 copper each. Now this isn't alot but if you get 10 of these they sell for 6.5g.

Now, ofcourse you're not supposed to sell these to vendor and not AH. Remember, sell the cloth on AH and greens to DE and you can make a high profit.

If you farm these mobs just seling the grays and skipping the greens and cloth you can make 600G/h. If you sell the cloth too you can make 700G/h and if you DE, you can make 750-800G/hr if you got good prices on your AH!

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  1. interesting

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  3. I like farming in RuneScape better...